Athens, 25/01/2018 – The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), in the context of leveraging its expertise in surface water monitoring and management, launches a collaboration with Ex Machina, utilizing its know-how in IoT solutions and forecasting data analysis, for the implementation of an environmental monitoring and direct information system for flood, drought and surface water pollution.

Αντικείμενο της συνεργασίας

is the development of an integrated and cost-effective Internet of Things solution for monitoring and analyzing environmental parameters regarding surface water. The solution provides timely and clear information / warnings for phenomena that require immediate response, such as floods, droughts and water pollution, with the ultimate goal of timely mitigation measures. It is an approach that combines wireless sensors to qualitatively and quantitatively monitor environmental parameters with an online IoT data processing, analysis and imaging platform. The solution is a value added service and an effective, valuable decision support tool that helps protect Public Health and save money.

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR – ΕΛΚΕΘΕ) is a public research organization supervised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and consists of three Institutes: Oceanography (IO), Marine Biology, Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture. and Inland Waterways (IMBRIW – ΙΘΑΒΙΠΠΕΥ). The main scientific and research activities of HCMR are related to the study of the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems and are management oriented, with the aim of developing know-how, infrastructure and tools for sustainable management and protection of the environment and the sustainable exploitation of environmental resources. The research approaches pursued to achieve the above objectives are in line with modern approaches to holistic management of natural resources, based on ecological principles and the multi-use philosophy of the natural environment.
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At Ex Machina we operate in the Internet of Things, providing integrated solutions to businesses looking for ways to implement their digital transformation. We provide on demand forecasting services for weather related resources, such as gas demand. The forecast is based on Weather ex Machina, the service we have developed that monitors the accuracy of different providers’ weather forecasts by location and by meteorological parameter. At the same time we are designing and deploying turnkey IoT solutions on our IoT platform. Important customers who already use our services are Athens International Airport, IBM Hellas, Attica Gas Supply Company and more.
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